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How a Negative Reviewer became a Super Fan and Supporter.
Posted by Cavelle

Oliver Warders responded to an Ad I placed on Craigslist some time ago for my assistance in getting sales for his Amazon Store. He approached...Read More

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Does It Always Pay To Be Kind? (Cavelle Feguson @ Elate Lifestyles LLC helps shady NON-client Oliver Warders) Tags: Cavelle Ferguson Elate Lifestyles LLC False Review Fake Review (Update) Issue Between Cavelle Ferguson and Oliver Warders Resolved

Just google Cavelle Ferguson or Elate Lifestyles and you will see a report of me and my company in a negative way by a person who was never a client but who I offered free help to. This person came into my life for a brief moment via an Ad I placed on Craigslist.


Here is a copy of my Ad: (He got the Ad flagged & deleted by the way)

Oliver Warders responded to my Ad and told me that he has an Amazon Affiliate store that he embedded in his own website. I asked him to send over the link for me to have a look at it. His website could not be viewed properly and we exchanged 17 Craigslist hosted emails trying to view his site properly.


This is a screenshot of what his site looked like vs the one he built under my guidance:

I then decided to share a referral link to a FREE website builder and showed him samples of Amazon Affiliate sites I created with it. Here is a what our conversation was like at that point.

I am interested if you can please help with the setup and layout as it is clear you do a great job building these. 
Thank you,
Thanks Oliver,
Are you sure you don't want to try it yourself for free?
Cause I do charge $50 to build an Amazon Affiliate Store.

      Cavelle Tuckett

Oliver Warders:

I am ok then. Maybe later on, how can i partner with you to bring in sales and perhaps split revenue? 

Thank you,
I then sent Oliver a form to fill out and get started in Start-Up Express. There was a section on the form that asks for a $10 down payment to begin service. The full $250 for Start-up Express would be charged when clients have gotten their 1st $500 in sales. I forgot to fix my form settings so that the payment section would be required before submitting the form. Oliver took advantage and filled out the form ignoring the payment. He made sure, however to agree to the terms and conditions which stated:
Here is the registration form that Oliver filled out agreeing to these Terms and Conditions:
Here is my response to his registration:
Hi Oliver,
I received your registration but you have not made the $10 down payment which is
your commitment to this partnership. Please understand that this partnership has to
be beneficial for both of us.
      Cavelle Tuckett
You mentioned that it was free. If i am to make money with you i can pay the fee and $10 later on. I am trying not to put any negative reviews. Thanks. 
Thank you,
This was the big red flag that I know I should have followed before continuing communications with this guy. This guy is basically threatening me with a negative review because I require a $10 fee that my form and Terms and Conditions clearly stated.
Hi again Oliver,
What I can do therefore is to give you suggestions and pointers
and help you along the way with your Amazon Affiliate Store.
For this you don't have to pay me anything neither now or later.
Whatever commissions that you make from Amazon are, of course,
yours and yours only.
I am not able to make you a Start-up Express member so
you won't get the benefits mentioned in the Craigslist Ad.
You will not make commissions from website sales, or get
any of the payouts from the Milestone funding system.
I hope on your part that you are ready to work on your Amazon
business and try out the suggestions that I may make.
Please understand that it is certainly not a setup and leave business.
So, if you're still interested, lets begin and get busy.

      Cavelle Tuckett

The 2nd red flag appeared when I sent Oliver an affiliate link from Spruz to create his FREE website. Since the website was free I would NOT earn anything unless he upgraded his website and paid for hosting. This guy who wanted me to help him for free ignored my affiliate link and went straight to Spruz to sign up. So, not only did he NOT want to pay me but he does not want me to receive any semblance of a benefit from him. LOL.


So I started helping Oliver the next day from 11:am until 8: 17 pm. (My bad. I said I was going to give suggestions and pointers but instead I sat for hours helping someone who was not going to pay me.)

The 3rd red flag popped up when Mr Warders began saying things like: (This is a skype conversation)

[Saturday, January 24, 2015 1:36 PM] Oliver Warders:

<<< You can google for that if you choose Oliver Warders, Saturday 1:36 PM[Saturday, January 24, 2015 1:55 PM] Oliver Warders:

<<<  if you want to write the content, thats fine too. Oliver Warders, Saturday 1:55 PM[Saturday, January 24, 2015 2:03 PM] Oliver Warders:

<<< If you want i can link you to the store you you can plan how it will be done.Oliver Warders, Saturday 2:03 PM

Remember, he is not a client. This is the guy I told that I would help with suggestions and pointers but here he clearly sounds as if he wanted me to do work for him. So its either that or he was making grammatical errors by mentioning "YOU".

The 4th red flag popped up when I asked Oliver Warders to write an "About Us" page for his site so that people could know who he is. That's when it dawned on me that this guy was trying hard to hide who he was online. He never answers calls on the phone number that he provided, he does not want to give information on who he was and he constantly spoke about "not wanting to leave a bad review". I stopped him right in his tracks and demanded that if I was to continue to help him freely with anything that he needed to call me from a valid phone number AND send me a Facebook friend request.


In retaliation this guy went and did what he wanted to do from the beginning, which was to write a fake complaint or review about my company. This guy uses negative reviews as a bully tactic to cheat service providers or sellers online. He then writes his fake reports and then apologizes about it knowing full well that they don't go away. Here is another example of company that he deliberately wrote about and then apologized.

Beware, this guy does this for fun and is not at all interested in services or products from companies he preys on. I know this is not the last we'll hear of him. He goes by the user name oliver18754 on a number of accounts. It's just sad there are legitimate people out there that could use my help and I wasted over 9 hours with this guy (who was not even a client) without compensation AND was given a bad reputation online.



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