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Don't just start any business, this will leave you burnt out, demotivated and ultimately lead to failure. A prime example are entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing/MLM industry. We start with new companies ever so often, catch the shiny new object syndrome and then nothing seems to lead us to leaving that 9-5. We sometimes like to call it "multiple streams of income" but it should be considered more "multiple streams of incompletion". We lack the passion for these programs that we promote and keep chasing the next, thinking it will be The One to make us wealthy. If we don't stop NOW and follow our own passion, we will forever be doing the chase until its too late.

My Business Companion encourages entrepreneurship and can be used to help any business; Startup to Growing, to create the business of their dreams.

If you have a passion, we'll focus on that passion. If you're feeling alone and unsupported in the things that you really like to do, try the services of a Business Companion.

No, we are not your business partners and we don't want any shares in your Company. Whether trying to start a new business or already running one we can be there for you as your muse and companions in planning, designing and marketing. We will brainstorm together to come up with ideas and solutions for your goals. Need assistance with funding? We have a rewards system that incentivizes hard work; the work you put into your own company, project or interest and a Patronage System that gets you donations.

Use My Business Companion and access all our services at any time plus discounts on our Personal Companion and Companion Express services.

My Business Companion

We don't give advice; we actively work with you as if we're on your team.

Value: $300 monthly 

Your cost: Patronize any business on our platform. Minimum $100 one time + $50 My Business Companion monthly subscription.


Personal Companion

In person, at home, at your office or any place of your choice to meet up, a personal business companion will dedicate time and inividual expertise to assist with your interest.

Value: $80 - $500 per hour (depending on area of expertise)

(Member Discount: $50 per hour)


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Companion Express

Our "Do it for You" service:

Business Plan

Logo Design

Website Design

Print Design

Online & Proximity Marketing

Member Discount: 40%

Let's do it for you

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